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Hi, I’m Stephen (but you can call me Steve). I’m a digital designer interested in emerging technologies and how the things we make shape who we are. I value craftsmanship and practice design with an emphasis on rigorous experimentation.

In the past I’ve worked on the motion design team at Carbone Smolan Agency, and graduated from MICA in the Spring of 2017. I’m currently looking for opportunities to shape the future of digital space.

Learn more about my design philosophy below or see what I’ve been reading.


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Framer.js, quantum physics

thinking about design

On the In-Between

To design is to discover novel connections between beings, things and ideas. The designer engages these connections to achieve a sense of order and understanding in opposition to the perpetually increasing chaos of entropy.

We as designers give meaning to the universe by connecting atoms to information and uniting the abstract with the concrete. Design is the In-Between.

On Participation

The term user implies a unilateral mode of interaction. A person engages a framework to achieve a goal. The user is a dumb agent, led along a clearly delineated path.

The term participant implies a system of interwoven interactions. Autonomous beings engage with each other to achieve a multitude of goals. The participant is an explorer, an intelligent entity existing within a larger system.

Designing for participation not only liberates the individual but encourages sustainability and inclusivity.

On Craftsmanship

Beyond dedication to aesthetic perfection, the craftsman is defined by his innate sense of duty to his craft.

The craftsman is not satisfied unless the job is done right. An uneasiness undertakes his soul which can only be dispelled through hard work, respect for the tools, respect for the client’s needs and diligence of practice.

The craftsman has an acute understanding of the implications of creation, namely the effects that any creative act has on the greater order of the universe. He considers the impact of his actions before embarking on the creative journey.

The designer is above all else a craftsman.